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... Add Instant Chicness with a Skirt!

Fashion skirts will definitely add bells and whistles to your style, and give you lots of outfit combinations from Spring to Winter. What I really love about wearing a skirt is that it gives you a feminine and chic look as well as an excuse to wear a pair of sexy tights!

Beige pleated midi skirt form Nordstrom
Courtesy of Nordstrom
Here you'll discover fashion tips, styling tricks, ideas and inspiration on:
  • How to select the right skirt that looks good on your body type and reflects your personal style
  • What type of skirts to invest in so that you have a skirt for every occasion all-year-around
  • Fashion advice on how to put together stylish outfits with a skirt
  • The latest fashion skirts that add zest to your wardrobe – shopping strategies and recommendations

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Compared to womens dresses, they're more versatile. What I find practical about skirts is that you can simply change the top and give your outfit a whole new look. I personally love wearing blouses and dress shirts, so fashion skirts really give me the freedom to mix and match, and just have fun with fashion!

You can find a wide variety of fashionable womens skirts, from minis to flowy gypsy maxis, denim to wool skirts. There are so many styles to choose from, and this Shopping & Style Guide will be your guide to wading through all of them.

Now let's look at the skirt-topics I'm covering:

How to buy a skirt and look good in it

What Are Your Best Skirt Styles?

The right skirt style is crucial to maximizing your leg line and make your legs look their best. If you're tall and have long legs then you'll be able to get away with a bundle of skirt styles.

But if you're legs are on the shorter side then the advice on this page can help you select the best skirts that complement them.

You'll also discover:

  • How to get the right fit
  • How to select your best skirt length
  • The best skirts for the various body shapes

Savvy Shopping & Styling with Skirts »

How to wear fashion skirts - how to style and mix & match a skirt

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Skirts

Need outfit ideas on wearing fashion skirts?

This page gives you suggestions on multiply your outfits with a skirt, how to select the best style that helps camouflage your "problem areas" and more!

Get advice on how to wear your fashion skirts »

How to buy and wear a pencil skirt

Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt looks universally flattering on most body figures. The shape flatters different curves and can also create hips on a body shape has slim hips. It's definitely one of my favorite closet pieces.

Chic's Guide to Pencil Skirts »

Also see stylish ways wear a pencil skirt (celebrity pictures included!).

Shop the latest Plus size skirts

Plus Size Skirts

You're blessed with a multitude of trendy plus size skirts available on the internet.

This page gives you advice on how to select the best skirt style for your voluptuous body figure.

Learn how to buy & wear Plus Size Skirts »

Shop the latest Petite skirts

Petite Skirts

The selection of petite skirts is still quite limited. But there are a couple of effective styling techniques that will help you look your best in almost any skirt.

This page also showcases where you can buy the latest affordable skirts for petites.

Learn how to to buy & wear Petite Skirts »

How to wear Vintage skirt

Vintage Skirts

Most fashion skirts are in some way or another inspired by the past.

Examples are the tier and bubble style from the 80s, 70s midi and the pretty circle skirt from the 50s.

Learn how to wear these Vintage-inspired Skirts »

Shop the latest Denim pencil skirts

Denim Pencil Skirt

If you want to look casual, sexy yet polished then you might want to try a pencil skirt in denim.

It's not as buttoned-up as a classic black pencil skirt but the shape is flattering on your hips, creating a lush silhouette without looking like you're trying too hard.

Learn more about Denim Pencil Skirts »

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How to Buy Fashion Skirts

Secure a black day-to-night skirt When buying a skirt you must carefully select the right style and shape that flatters your body figure. Your legs are vulnerable to hemlines as skirts can easily visually affect the shape, width and length of your legs.

Like for example, if a skirt hits mid-calf, they might appear shorter or wider because the line draws the eye to the widest part of your legs.

Also make sure to first secure the wardrobe skirt essentials such as a black day-to-night skirt and denim skirt. Preferably in neutrals and solids. These basics will keep you covered throughout the seasons and all occasions. They're also versatile to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

With the right skirt it can disguise what you don't like, visually create something that's not there and enhance parts you love. The shape and style of a skirt can also make you look curvier, thinner, taller, etc.

So remember to analyze your personal style ( personal taste, body shape, height, scale, etc.) before you start shopping. Trust me, it'll be worth it :-)

Click here for more fashion advice and styling tricks for looking great in a skirt »

Chic Fashion Skirts Styles

Black pencil skirt outfit
Barrie Pace Skirt via Amazon The chic way to buy womens skirts is to first secure the basic skirt essentials in neutral colors such as black, browns, whites and gray. These colors blend in with all seasons and most occasions - from fall to summer, and go with all color combinations.

Your skirt essentials should also be easy to combine with other clothes. So leave out patterns and frilly add-ons.

fashion tipTip: If your work's environment is on the informal side, invest in skirts with cute patterns like floral and dots.

Now, after you've bought all the basics it's time to stretch your style envelope and add fashion skirts in colors and styles that reflect your personality. Experiment with your best colors and various prints and hemline shapes that bring out your personal style!

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